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Career Opportunities

As an interpreting physician trained in neurophysiology, you’ll
employ a rare skill set and provide professional oversight of highly-skilled
neurophysiologists working in the operating room. You’ll be an important
contributor to surgical excellence and positive patient outcomes.


Interpreting physicians trained in neurophysiology can possess the unique distinction of specializing in intraoperative neuromonitoring.  NNI prides itself on retaining the top experts in the field of neurodiagnostics and neuromonitoring.

You'll work alongside a pool of largely CNIM-certified clinical staff.

You'll receive practice benefits from shared learning within the IOM industry.

You'll enjoy a flexible work environment—the level of commitment is entirely yours to determine.

Supplement Your Income

Generate substantial incremental income without hindering your current practice

Monitor from Anywhere

Supervision of cases can be done from your practice, home office, or other appropriate setting

Limited Post-Operative Duties

After you submit a reader report, your
obligation to the case ends and you can move on

We Offer Reliable Support

We offer IT support to resolve technical issues you may encounter, and in some cases, training is available

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